November's Liturgical Hike: Reflections

What a glorious day it was for our November liturgical hike! The Aspen leaves may have been gone but that only served to highlight the deep blue New Mexico sky against the bare Aspen branches. The temperature was cool, there was just the hint of a breeze now and then and the views of the valley below were marvelous.
We had our largest gathering yet, eighteen happy and hearty souls – not counting the three canines who came along. We even had a spur of the moment visitor from Tulsa, OK who just happened to arrive at the trailhead when we did and decided to join us for the day.

As has become our liturgical custom the hike was “offered” within the context of the passing of the peace and we had a great time hiking along and getting to know each other a little better. It was a great opportunity to live into the second of Jesus’ two great commandments – to love your neighbor as yourself. And to top things off we had two or three Gray Jays join us at communion, they knew it was “real” bread.

We will continue to hike throughout the winter so air out your winter gear and keep in touch with this page so that you’ll know where and when.



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