February's Liturgical Hike

It might sound funny but the first Sunday of the month can't come any earlier in February and March in that the 1st is the 1st, the first Sunday is also the first day of the month.  So now that "we've" got that all figured out the rest should be a breeze, right?  Well I think so and I hope you will too but in an effort to be totally transparent,  I should remind us all of a couple of things.

First, February 1st is Super Bowl Sunday and for some (mostly non-hikers I hope) the whole day will be spent in front of the tube.  But not us!  At least not until 4:00pm when the game actually starts.  If there's anything that is actually important (and that is a real question) it's the game itself.  You will be home by 4:00pm - and with the knowledge that you've already worshiped the Holy and exerted yourself that day out on the trail and are therefore free to indulge, and maybe then some, in the annual Super Bowl feast.

Second, much like January, this Sunday will be a bit chilly.  But if you think about it that just means you'll burn even more calories staying warm while you hike which means you can probably eat something like three times as much during the game as you normally would without shame or guilt.

Second and a half, I will be offering an optional liturgical hiking fast.  If you choose to fast during the hike that will mean, like, you can just graze from the opening kickoff to the final buzzer - again without shame or guilt.  In fact you might even feel a bit prideful about it.  But that's ok because our next hike (remember that will be March 1st) will also be the first Sunday of Lent and you could possibly do that one on your knees as penance for your Super Bowl bash overindulgence.   It's just an option and the penitential hiker's choice. ;)

THE REAL DETAILS:  We will meet in the St. Bede's parking lot at 10:00am and proceed from there to our hike.  As in January, where we hike will be subject to weather conditions at the time so please plan to meet at St. Bede's and check the weather forecast for the day so you'll have a sense of what to expect.  As always, dress in warm layers, bring water and a snack.  I do not anticipate any significant snow so regular hiking footwear should be fine.

Finally, if you plan to attend would you send me a quick e-mail letting me know that to parson@worshipinthewilderness.org (You can actually just click right there, I mean left) It helps a bit with planning.  Thanks!



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