January's Liturgical Hike

On Sunday January 11th we will be hiking if the weather permits.  If you've followed this site or received my e-mails you know that we switched Sundays this month to accomodate St. Bede's stewardship kickoff Sunday on January 4th.  Several of you let me know that you appreciated this accomodation.

So this Sunday, the 11th, we will meet in the St. Bede's parking lot at 10:00am and proceed from there to our hike.  Please note the later time and the fact that I haven't announced where we'll be hiking.  There are two reasons for this - first, by meeting at 10:00am hopefully it will be a bit warmer and second, we've been having a good winter so far and this means that we may need to be flexible with respect to where (and I suppose if) we hike.  As I write this post weather.com indicates that the 11th should be sunny with a high of around 40 after a low near 20.

Please plan to be with us as winter hiking can be very enjoyable.  Also, please be prepared for the weather with several layers, a warm hat, mittens or gloves and footwear that is at least weather resistant.  And as always, bring plenty of water and at least a snack.

Finally, there are a couple of changes to the weblog for the New Year.  First, we now have our own domain name, http://worshipinthewilderness.org/ , and I have a new e-mail address to go with it, which is parson@worshipinthewilderness.org .  The old addresses will still work for a while but please begin using the new ones now.



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