March's Hike: Reflections

I can't believe how slow I've been in posting these reflections from our hike on March 1st, my apologies!

March 1st was the first Sunday of Lent this year and the gospel lesson from Mark was about Jesus' baptism and forty days in the wilderness.  Well, we weren't in the wilderness for forty days but due to my not doing a "pre-hike" reconnaissance (which I normally do on trails with which I'm not familiar) we didn't always know where we were.  It seemed to be an appropriate beginning to Lent in a way and everybody was a good sport about it.  Regardless my shortcomings as a trail guide this month, we had a great time and it was a beautiful early spring day which served to reinforce the concept of layering.

Please stay in touch with this page over the next week because in April the first Sunday of the month happens to be Palm Sunday and "we'll" need to decide whether or not to hike that day or possibly on Saturday (the 4th) instead.  I'll be making that decision very shortly and will post as soon as  I do.



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