June Hike: Reflections

Yesterday’s hike was simply wonderful.  After beginning a bit overcast and cool the day turned into a marvelous early summer experience in the Sangre de Cristos.  The trails we hiked (parts of Big Tesuque and Winsor) were beautiful with many wildflowers and Aspen trees shimmering like green gold in the cool breezes.  As you can see from the photo above we stopped for communion in a lovely mountain meadow with a little mountain stream running through it.

It was a perfect day to contemplate the many and varied languages of nature with which the Holy “speaks” to us.  It is not only with human speech that we are wooed by God; it is also through nature’s speech which engages more than just our ears.  A cool breeze or the warm sun upon our skin or the fragrance of a wild flower or new pine, are these not among the many languages of the Holy?  What better way to experience the knowledge of God's presence among us and love for us than to be out in the cathedrals of nature.

Nature has languages all its own which can be as subtle and imperceptible as a tiny flower which is so easy to miss or as loud and boisterous as a strong wind which makes it difficult to hear anything else and causes great trees to knock together.  God speaks through nature speaks if we will but listen.



P.S.  Here are a few more wonderful photos from yesterday provided by Helen Henry.



Anonymous said...

Remember the dark red stems we saw in deep shade along the big Tesuque Trail? I think those were coral root, a member of the orchid family. They have no chlorophyll, so no green leaves and the name comes from the dense interweaving of roots underground. They live off a fungus produced in decaying material. Though the flowers hadn't opened, they are probably the spotted variety, which is the most common in our environs. -Janie

Jon+ said...

I do remember those. Thanks for the information about them and I hope we can see them in bloom later in the season! J+