July Hike: Reflections

If you read my previous post about our Valles Caldera hike on Friday, July 3rd, then this post will seem repetitive as I begin.

Sunday morning, July 5th, began for me as I suspect it did for many in Santa Fe - with a mad dash around the house to close windows as a very loud thunder storm began around 6:00am. As I watched the storm outside and got ready to meet everyone for our hike I wondered if anyone would be there given the intensity of the storm.

But by the time I left home the rain had stopped and it was sunny and clear to the west, which was a good "weather" sign for the rest of the day. However, I figured many folks would have already decided not to hike so upon arriving at St. Bede's I was surprised to find the wonderful gathering you see above. They seemed to know what I had begun to doubt, it was going to be a beautiful day for hiking in the Sangre de Cristos!

We did indeed have a wonderful time hiking the Norski Trail. The temperature was nice and cool, the wildflowers were beautiful and the Holy Spirit was definitely with us. We kept silence for a period of time which opened a whole new dimension to the experience - the sound of woodpeckers at work, the buzzing of insects, the chirps and calls of song birds, and the rhythmic sounds of our own breath as we hiked along. It was a blessed morning and I am so happy that we all decided to go in spite of the early morning thunderstorm.

Keep in touch and share with us how you have been experiencing the Holy in nature this summer.



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