August's Liturgical Hike: Reflections

Worship in the Wilderness provides the opportunity to worship the mystery of the Holy in fresh ways in the great outdoors that inspire and challenge hikers differently on each hike and each hiker differently from one hike to the next hike. Some hikes are easier than others; sometimes the weather is more agreeable one month than the next, sometimes it’s more about what we each “bring” from our lives to a particular hike. The opportunity to experience the constant and complete presence of the Holy is both a challenge and a gift.

August 2nd was just such a day of wonder on our hike as you can see from the photo above of a mushroom about six feet or so off the ground in a notch of an Aspen tree. Sometimes, if we are perceptive, we have the opportunity to experience things which are beyond the usual limitations of our finite human imagination, understanding and knowledge. Seeing this mushroom was such an experience for me and yet is dwarfed by the full magnitude of the mystery of the Holy. How often do we “look” past the signs that God is trying to show and share with us? As for me, I would have to say that this probably happens frequently. And so my challenge is to be as fully receptive to and perceptive of the wonders of the Holy as I may be every day, whether I’m out on the trail or participating in a four hour meeting.

I look forward to seeing you all on the trail soon!



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