February 2010: Hike Reflections

Saturday, February 6th was a beautiful winter day for hiking!  We hiked the northern part of the Dale Ball Trails and the trail conditions were very good, all things considered.  The temperatures were just warm enough that the snow was a bit soft (better traction than hard packed snow) but not so warm that the trail was muddy.  In fact the worst conditions of the whole day were in the St. Bede's parking lot which was a quagmire in spots - one of our number got her car stuck in the mud there and we had to push her out.  So you see even if you are planning to worship indoors you still have to deal with the mother nature ;)

What a wonderful gift the Dale Ball trails are to those of us who live in Santa Fe, providing great hiking opportunities with well maintained and marked trails scattered throughout the city.  For those of you who don't know about them here is a link to the official website for the trails - Dale Ball Trails

We are hoping to do a snowshoe hike sometime before the end of the season on a Saturday other than our regular day, so stay tuned for that.  Also, I'm planning some other "opportunities" this year that should be exciting, again stay tuned!  If you aren't on our email list please do send along your email address to me so that I can add you to the WitW listserve.  My email address is to the right on this page.

Blessings & we'll see you on the trail,


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