March 2010 Liturgical Hike

If you're like my friend Oso here you're probably bored from being stuck inside too much this winter and you just can't wait to get back outside to run around and get dirt on your nose again. Well if you are there is good news!

Spring is just around the corner and at the moment it appears that the weather for our March hike could be ideal - mostly sunny with a high of 50 and only a 10% chance of precipitation. So once again we will meet in the usual place, on the usual day, at the usual time - translation, Saturday March 6th at 12:30pm in the St. Bede's parking lot. As always there must be a disclaimer about the weather which is - at this time of year where we hike will be determined by how the day turns out so please come prepared for changing weather.

Please refer to the General Information section at the bottom of this page for information on how to be prepared and especially follow and read the 10 Essentials of Hiking link.

Lastly, I will again bring my backpacking stove so that we can make the hot beverage of your choice so bring extra water and your favorite tea, hot chocolate, etc.

Blessings & I hope to see you all the trail,


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