July 2010 Liturgical Hike - Reflections

The day before the 4th of July we had a fabulous day for Liturgical Hiking!  The weather was inviting and the trail was challenging but worth the effort.  We began the morning just off the lower parking lot at Ski Santa Fe where the Winsor Trail passes by on its way up and into the Pecos Wilderness.  The first mile up to the Pecos Wilderness boundary is a bit of a challenge but we took our time and stopped a few times  for the liturgy of the word.

At the boundary fence into the Pecos Wilderness most hikers stay on the established trails, either continuing on into the Pecos Wilderness or turning right and hiking up to Deception and Lake Peaks,  but we turned left and hiked off trail to the wonderful meadow you see pictured above.  The meadow sits just below Aspen Peak and was a wonderful place to take an extended break, have a snack and share Eucharist.  There were many wildflowers throughout the meadow and it was surrounded by aspens and various pines.  There was also evidence, droppings, that elk had been there recently.  It's a place I'm sure we'll return to again and again and will be a great place to observe the changing seasons.

Blessings & I'll see you on the trail,


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