August 2011 Liturgical Hike


Good news! You may already know that the Santa Fe National Forest has been reopened recently, which means that we'll be able to hike one of our favorite trails next Sunday, August 7th. After the 10:30am service today I did a little scouting up near the ski basin (see the photo above) and can report that it was a wonderful day with some very nice rain showers to boot.

Next Sunday, August 7th, please plan on meeting in the St. Bede's parking lot (map/directions) at 8:30am and we'll leave there at 8:45am. Be sure to bring rain gear as it seems that we are being blessed with rain somewhere in the Santa Fe area almost daily in the last several days and the forecast is for the same next weekend.

Blessings & I'll see you on the trail,


Boiler Plate P.S.:
As always, please come prepared to hike with proper footwear, clothing for the expected weather that day, plenty of water and at least a hearty snack. Please follow this link ( for the How-Tos of hiking from the American Hiking Society for important information, including the 10 Essentials of Hiking.

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