Important News & November 2011 Liturgical Hike

Greetings All,

Upon seeing the photo above you might say - that's not Santa Fe or WitW and you'd be right.  It's an image of the sunrise that I took on Pawleys Island, South Carolina on my 50th birthday recently.  Later that day as Anne-Drue, Connor and I were walking on the beach we witnessed a Bald Eagle attempt to steal a fish from an Osprey almost right over our heads - they both lost the fish.  I've been going to Pawleys Island for 40 years and I've never seen a Bald Eagle there before so I took it as a good sign.

The important news is that I've accepted a new position (in Episcopal Church lingo it's known as a call) as Priest-in-Charge Under Special Circumstances at Christ Church Chattanooga, TN and I begin December 1st.  So November's liturgical hike will be our last together - details in a bit.  I grew up near Chattanooga so this will be a bit of a homecoming for me.  In fact, Christ Church is right across the street from UT Chattanooga where I was an undergraduate.  We are looking forward to being there but will miss Santa Fe and our Worship in the Wilderness friends here.  At this point it is not clear how or if WitW will continue in Santa Fe but I am hopeful that "we" might find a way for that to happen.  Chattanooga is a very outdoors oriented city (in fact Santa Fe's own Outside Magazine recently ranked Chattanooga as the "ultimate dream town" for outdoor living and activities) and WitW will be a big hit there I'm sure.  I look forward to beginning WitW there in the spring.

With regard to our November liturgical hike, we will meet in the St. Bede's parking lot (map/directions)  at 9:00am and leave there about 9:15am.  It may be quite cool on Sunday so please come prepared for the weather, but do come!

Blessings and I'll see you on the trail,


Boiler Plate P.S.:

Please be prepared to hike with proper footwear, clothing (including rain gear) for the expected weather, plenty of water and at least a hearty snack.  Follow this link  for information from the American Hiking Society, including the 10 Essentials of Hiking.

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